The Bulgarian Investment Building Association (BIBA) is a non-profit association.

Established in May 2014, it aims:

To increase

the employment of young people in the construction field and encourage them to stay and work in Bulgaria.

To encourage


To achieve a balance

between the interests of builders, investors, people and nature.

To improve the legislation

in the field of construction and investments.

To improve

the international image of Bulgaria.

To improve the conditions

for attracting foreign clients

To improve the investment

climate in order to attract foreign and Bulgarian investors

To conduct advertisement

and PR of the investment-building process.

To liaise

with the educational establishments in the field of activity of the members of the Association.

To protect the interests

of the Association by representing it on different institutional levels.

To maintain contacts

and to cooperate with the state institutions determining the regime of construction and the investment-building process.

To work

on enhancing the reputation of its members, both at home and abroad.

To support

the professional development of its members, the business relations between them and other related Bulgarian and international organizations.

To examine

the legal, technical, economic, financial, customs, environmental and other issues related to the construction and to the investment-building process and to suggest solutions to them, including by suggesting legislative changes.

To protect

the common interests of the members and the companies, which are in the construction sector and in the investment-building process.